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Let go and let god in our darkest times.

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  • Let go and let god in our darkest times.

    I read some place that our addiction just waiting for us to slip up and it would make its move again. That was my story. I'm 44 years old now and I live in my parents basement. I had a home! I had a brand new home and 2 car garage 4 bedroom 2 bathroom home. Beautiful wife and 3 children I love more than anything else. My story goes back to when I first met my wife I was coming off a 15 day drug binge and we were both young and dating. I didn't like how I felt after being up that many days so I started to drink vodka and became suicidal and put a pistol to my right temple and pulled the trigger and blew my skull apart and lodged a bullet in my brain. She witnessed the whole thing and helped get me help and I found out in the hospital I was gonna be a dad. This changed my life. We spent the next 18 years building a family and home. Then some demons from my past were awoke when I made the biggest mistake of my life thinking I had it under control and I was different. My kids watched me turn into a junkie and disappear from there lives as I got sent off to prison and treatment programs and prerelease centers. I missed out on there childhood because I slipped up and didn't learn from my past. Our pasts are for a reason. To teach us a lesson so we don't have to repeat it again and have it more painful. If I would of learned from my past I would still have my beautiful wife and kids. Now I got sobriety and one day at a time.