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What You Know About Blood Sugar ? How Much Is This Effective?

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  • What You Know About Blood Sugar ? How Much Is This Effective?

    Before glycemic control, you should wash your hands with soap and water, or clean the area of ​​the finger that will be pricked with a gauze or cotton cloth soaked with disinfectant. Then you have to dry your hands well since a drop of water or disinfectant can alter the result of the control. Then follow these instructions:

    1. Use the needle stick to draw a drop of blood
    • Put a clean lancet on the device or puncture.
    • Remove the device cover from the lancet.
    • If you have an adaptive lancet device, set the puncture depth that is most effective for the child.
    • Push in on the end with the spring on the lancet device.
    • Place the tip of the lancet device cap against one side of the child's finger (finger should be changed each time).
    • Before pricking to draw the drop of blood, place the test strip on the glucometer
    • Pressing the button on the spring release mechanism and the lancet will make a small puncture.
    2. Put the drop of blood on the test strip
    • Gently squeeze your finger to obtain a drop of blood.
    • Place the drop of blood on the test strip. Make sure you put in enough blood to fill the sample area.
    3. Look at the glucometer
    • The glucometer will start counting down when enough blood has been placed on the strip.
    • Once the countdown time has passed, the glucometer will show the child's blood glucose level
    4. Write the glucose level in the control book
    In this notebook, which will be provided by the hospital, all the blood measurements, the insulin dose and notes on anything unusual that has happened to the child during the day must be recorded. The glucometer and diary, or checkbook, must be brought to all follow-up appointments. The diabetes team will teach the child's family and the child and adolescent to use the valuable information in the diary to maintain good control of diabetes.

    Safety measures before performing glycemic control
    We must ensure:
    • Have correctly set the code on the meter (if the meter needs it).
    • The glucometer has correctly programmed the time, day, month, year and the measurement is in milligrams / deciliters (mg / dl). Gauges have the option of measuring in millimoles / liter (mmol / L).
    • The test strips are not expired.
    • The lid of the strip canister is tightly closed and in case the wrapper is aluminum foil, it has not been opened.
    It has been stored in a place away from a heat source.
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