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    Hello, I'm new to your board. I've had CFIDS for 19 years and I have a genetic marker for hypercoagulable blood. I take heparin.

    I read that glutathione is much more effective when given by IV. I just had a 750 mg. IV and felt no effect whatsoever, whereas a friend felt an almost instantaneous boost of energy and sense of well-being. I think my body is so low on glutathione that that small dose hit the bottom of a dry bucket and evaporated. Does anyone have experience with a useful dose of IV glutathione for people who have been sick for a very long time.

    Is there an accurate test for glutathione levels?

    Thank you,


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    Most studies indicate that intracellular GSH (glutathione) levels can only be raised for short periods of time (2-4 hours)after adminsteration.
    The most effective way to raise GSH is to supply the building blocks needed by the body to produce or raise GSH on it's own.
    CFM whey protein isolate is the only method proven effective. Run a search on Pubmed if you wish to see the 1000's of studies performed for numerous ailments/diseases.

    20-30 grams 2-3 times daily works very well. If you get your bloodwork done before/during/after, you will be able to tell how well it's working by how your liver enzymes react to the afformentioned treatment. Good luck.

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      Here is information on glutatione testing.

      Amscot does glutathione testing either with plasma or red blood cells, and possibly saliva. Samples MUST be collected in special medium, so you must call them first and they will ship the collecting tubes to your doctor. Cost: about #40.00 plus shipping and your personal physician's charge for blood draw.

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        I've tried the I.V. treatment, whey powder, alpha-lipoic acid, N-A-C for glutathione. For me anyway, the one that's worked best is alpha-lipoic acid long release form, brand Jarrow from I think the reason for this is, in order to build on the glutathion in your body, it may necessary to boost energy of the cell (mitocondria). Alpha-lipoic acid does this along with boosting glutathione. The other options don't. I believe, each time you boost glutathione in the body it will only (mentioned ealier) stay in your body so long (couple hours or so) and then diminish. So if you were wonder, how to absorb, this may be the answer. It takes some time before you notice the difference, but if you stay on it, it will happen. Also, it's important to take fish oil as it re-enforces or protects the building process. It get mine from as it is not contaminated like alot of other brands. Search epa/dha to find the right one, doctors trust brand.

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          First, I will address your speculation that since you have been ill for so long and you suspect your glutathione levels are really low that your dose was only a drop in the bucket. My experience doesnt match this theory for me. I did 300mg. diluted in a 500cc IV bag and put it on slow drip. So basically this was a ridiculously low /slow diluted amount and the effect was that I passed out from a blood sugar crash. The doc had to infuse dextrose into my vein to get my blood sugar to come back up.
          So if you are really low, this is what can happen. We decided on subsequent iv's to put dextrose in the bag along with the glutathione and take it real slow. The doc didnt know why this happened and nobody in the country could come up with an answer either. I even called the top iv glutathione clinic in the country, the Perlmutter clinic in naples Fl. They had never had that happen and had no clue why it happened, all they could say was that "you are not a candidate for iv glutathione" (they were puzzled)
          It took me a bit but I figured out why it happened. If you look at the chemical composition of Glucose tolerance factor, its composition is made up of chromium and glutathione, so if you have a lack of glutathione it will impair GTF production. So as soon as I injected the glutathione, the GTF production ramped up and drove my blood sugar down in an uncontrollable fashion.

          The second thing that can happen as it relates directly to energy production has to do of course with the krebs cycle. This is a series of reactions starting with citric acid, one of the reactions between citrate and alphaketoglutarate, aka oxo glutaric acid is an enzyme called aconitase which is glutathione dependant, meaning it is a cofactor for this reaction. So if you are low on glutathione, your krebs cycle will be impaired. This is how and where chronic fatigue occurs and why your friend got an energy boost from their iv glutathione.

          I hope this information helps whoever reads this, it is a culmination of research over 4 years. I sure wish someone had put it on a webpage for me 4 years ago, so hopefully this help someone else who is on a mission.


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            Hi Cass,

            There are a lot of companies that sell Glutathione. Glutathione can not be eaten. The digestive tract will get rid of it. The only way to raise Glutathione levels in the cell is to give the body the precursors or building blocks for manufacturing it. Our cells have to manufacture Glutathione in order to raise the level of it.


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              I have not seen any clinical trial data that shows that by taking CFM Whey Protein Isolate product your Glutathione levels will be raised. Bonded cysteine is needed in order to get the cell to manufacture Glutathione.
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                If you would like to find out how your body can re-produce Glutathione and bring the level up to normal and higher go to this site and see.
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                  Glutathione Accelerator

                  I don't know if you are still concerned about your glutathione levels but everything that I have come to understand is that you cannot take it in its raw form because it will be destroyed in the stomach. There is a supplement that has been created by Dr. Robert Keller that has received a composition patent usually only reserved for the big drug companies that will actually increase the glutathione levels. The past president of The American Medical Assoc. made an astounding statement about this product:

                  "This product, in my opinion, represents the single most important breakthrough in health that I will witness in my lifetime. I believe it will revolutionize, change, and transform the practice of medicine world-wide and make Dr. Robert Keller more famous than Jonas Salk who created the polio vaccine."

                  ---Dr. John C. Nelson , 159th President of the American Medical Association on our flagship product.
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                    Intravenous glutathione is good but however, the effect can be quite transient, lasting for around 30 hours, as the half life of glutathione in the bloodstream is short. What may be more sustainable is a glutathione support product that can raise glutathione production within the cells.
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