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long term side effects of Lortab

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  • long term side effects of Lortab

    I was wanting to know if anyone knows what side effects of really long term use of Lortab 10mg/500 would have on a person, My sister had a car accident about 12 years ago and has been addicted to the pain killer for a long time I would say at least 9 years, I have no way of knowing exactly how many she takes a day, but I think it may be as many as 20 or more. She was taking the drug Somma also but not now. She takes the diet pill Phenterime also she is really in bad shape and sits all day in recliner saying she cant sleep at night and goes for days without even sleeping at all, has no interest in her everyday life or her family or friends.
    She cuts her self off from everyone she can, and is very late where-ever she has to go, takes her weeks to even go to post office she is only 34 years old and has a 8 year old son, we are very worried aboout her but dont know what to docan anyone give some information to me or share your experinces with me my email address is [email protected] thanks to you all

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    I hope you have gotten your sister to a doctor by now . Depression is 1 big side effect of lortab, but I'd also say the car accident plays a big part too. 34 is too young to stay in all the time,a friend of mine had the same problem only he took a lot more than tabs, and soma's at 1 time. He had 3 major back surgeries and is taking prescribed 4 (10's a day), but I'm sure he probaly hurts but....You need to get your sister to start on small projects in every day life to tabe her mind off of the drugs. When my friend stays busy he doesn't think about taking the drug near as much. A lot of times the doctor needs to be checked out also.Someone needs to do something before it takes another 9 years of her son's life. He really is too young to start anything but don"t think he doesn't know whats going on. Everyone in the family needs to start helping before your nephew doent's have a mother. I hope everything works out.I pray for you and your family.


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      My doctor advised me that Lortab is not recomed for long term use and that it will lose it's effectiveness over time requiring more medication for the same releif. I feel so sad for your sister because it seems she is like most of us... not getting good health care. Lortab is dangerious and stronger than morphine, it is easily abused and causes depression. The other medication seems to be a stimulant of some kind and it cant be good to mix the two. I will pray for her. I hope she gets the medical services she needs and her son is okay.