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Does Subutex/Suboxone change personality?

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  • Does Subutex/Suboxone change personality?

    I posted part of this on another thread, but as it's an interesting phenomenon I wonder if anyone else has the same experience on Sub:

    While opiated I was always nice and understanding, H or methadone and even when I was craving I never got real mean.

    Strangely enough, I nasty and almost violent a couple of weeks into Subutex therapy. I would snap to people for no obvious reason, make mean remarks and generally put people down for absolutely no reason. I have the misfortune to often be around people who consider such behaviour normal so it didn't register for me until I started being real nasty to my wife who had been nothing but understanding and supportive.

    I am not an excessively violent person, but on Subutex it took very little for me to lose it and start slapping or at least make very serious threats, way out of proportion to the perceived offense people made.

    My sense of humor got very dark.

    This unexplainable nervousness and strange behavior went away when I started working out a week ago. I push myself real hard on both cardio and weights and it seems like the endorphine factory re-opened, I actually get a pleasant high after exercise (only aerobic does this though, weights only do not make me high).

    Sub does the trick in some ways (I can perform sexually for instance and have the desire to, something I almost forgot about while being opiated),

    Another thing on Sub, at least for me, was that I did not get my energy back. I was as lethargic (or lazy) as on H or methadone. Most people report an energy boost almost high-like in nature, I felt nothing of the kind, but again, exercise helped.

    One thing ever exercise doesn't help with though, too often I find myself in deep contemplation, not a bad thing per se, but I feel as I were less social than before, as if I am content (if not happier) being by myself.

    Weird thing, opiates, but nothing beats the weirdness of Bupe.

    To make it even weirder, cocaine doesn't work for me anymore. As much as I tried to take and as good as it was, I feel absolutely nothing. I smoked base once while on Bupe and only felt physical discomfort. Not a bad side-effect, just unexpected. Ganja works though.

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    Scared to quit suboxone--(I'M ADDICTED!)

    I just wanted to comment on what you said about being not as social...I have thought that exact same thing about myself! I often will be asked to hang out by my friends, but I simply don't feel a desire...I feel apathetic and would prefer just being by myself, I just feel content. And I find that I don't really miss social contact with friends if I don't have it in a while...this doesn't really apply to my boyfriend though for some reason. Anyway, I started taking suboxone quite a while ago actually; the first time I started taking it was around January 2006, I took it as part of a rehab program, so it was probably for about 30 days starting in detox and then I was weaned off at the end. After that it was back to doing more >>>>>>...but I ended up going to a methadone clinic, but I was like the only one taking suboxone, and it's a little foggy but I guess I started that a couple months later maybe? But through that year I was still doing >>>>>> on and off that whole time, so I wasn't really letting it work (although it does work great for me). So I guess finally the time came around April of 2007 when I switched clinics, and really seriously started taking the suboxone and letting it work. I now haven't used since around June of it's been a little over a year. That's kind of a long time to be taking suboxone isn't it? I was at 16 mg for a long time, but last January or February 2008 I went down to 12...and I was in that mindset where I really wanted to try get off it (I guess for the sake of my boyfriend...I met him in April of '07 also and he pretty much made me quit smoking too...otherwise he threatened to break up with me!) So then about 2 weeks after going down to 12 I went down to 8. That was when I started feeling really I had just gotten done weaning off Paxil and Chantix (prescription drug you can take to quit take it for 3 months) so that probably didn't help...but I was just feeling really strange, like something was missing. So I went back to 12...probably not the best idea but I just did it. My boyfriend always asks me when I'll be completely done with it, and I always say soon, but I'm really not so sure how soon it really will be. I know I'm addicted to it, and it kind of scares me to get off it. I only have to go to my clinic now every 2 weeks because of how long I've been going there and my clean UA's. I just did a google search about suboxone and this site came up...I often think about my dose, it's kind of like smoking, my days seem to revolve around it and I'm very picky about how I take it. I split my first 8 miligram dose in the morning and put each half under either side of my tongue (I heard it dissolves better that way) and then later in the evening I take my 4 milligram. I heard this is the best for absorption and "feeling it" throughout the day, after it wears off from the morning...but lately I've been wanting to go up again to 16. I guess it was cuz I had some extra 4 milligram tablets from when I didn't take my second half in the evening, and I had a real stressful weekend last weekend after fighting with my boyfriend, so every night I took an extra of those 4 milligram tablets. I noticed the difference...I felt good, like I was getting some sort of high. I felt was strange. I could feel it more. I just keep thinking how yeah I'm not really feeling a desire to shoot up anymore, like those >>>>>> days are behind me...but now it's like I have a whole new addiction to deal with, suboxone. I know I got a little side-tracked from my original response, but if anyone reads this and has any feedback or advice I would greatly appreciate it.


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      My son-in-law COMPLETELY changed on suboxone. He left my daughter(ran home to mom and dad who are enabeling him) after 6 monthes of marriage. He changed his phone number and has broke all contact with her. It is TERRIBLE!!!!!! He was always such a great person. Now he is somone we don't even know. He needs rehab and therapy, but his family are hurting more than helping by enabeling him. He was a very outgoing friendly person, but he is in self destruct mode right now. He stayed in the basement and became VERY self centered.
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        My Husband

        Hello, My husband was on suboxone for almost 1 year before the doctor tapered him off. Now he has been fully clean and sober for almost 2 years in August. Thank God. His addiction was ruining our life. His love and affection toward me and his two sons had completely faded. I thought our relationship was over. I was tired of me and my sons being treated horribly. He wasn't at all abusive physically but emotionally and it was to the point where i almost couldn't stand him. Well after much trying i finally got him to realize he had a problem so we went to the doctor and had him put on Suboxone. Well it was awesome!!! He did a complete 180, He went from completely being an A**hole to an Amazing guy. Well at first,and then it went bad again. Not because he went back to using OxyContin and >>>>>>, but because the Suboxone had completely changed his personality. He started being self-conscious and insecure. A man who when i met was very conceided. He was always asking me questions and this was just as bad as him being an A**hole. Not to sound aweful but it really was. He always was asking now if I loved him or Did i want to find someone else for all that he put me and our children through. He was always asking our children if they loved him and how much and if they think mommie loves him. It was nerve racking. I couldn't take it. Everyday there were questions after questions. He wasn't good enough or he didn't make enough money or I wanted to find someone else who could give me more. That certainly wasn't the case at all. I love my husband and my children more than anything in this world. With all the questions though i felt like i was actually falling out of love with him. He was always around me because all of his friends were addicts so we hadn't any time apart and it was really driving me to the point where i was ready to leave. Well about a month later the doctor started tapering him off of the suboxone and little by little the questions got less and less. He started making new SOBER friends and quit nagging me. He became his old self. The man that i fell in love with. The father of my children, The strong conceided man that i first met at a baseball game. Now almost 2 years off suboxone our relationship is stronger than ever. I love him more than ever and I am so happy that i stayed with him at his worst so now i can have him at his best. He is such a great father to our two sons and the best husband i could ever ask for. So the point of this post is that 100 percent that suboxone changes a person's personality. My husband will admit it to this day. He would always tell me that he didn't know why he would ask them questions and it was possible it was the medication he was on. I wouldn't listen i told him they were excuses and he needed to take responsibility for his actions. I feel so bad now that i didn't listen to him. Who would ever think that a medication could change your whole way of life. Right when we went in to the doctor and had him examined before they tapered him off, We asked the doctor if this medication could change your personality. He said certainly any medication can change a person because something so little has effect on the brain. Thats actually when i started feeling compasion and started to forgive him for all of the questions and insecurities. So I am letting everyone know out there that if your partner is on any medication and isn't the same person as you met, Don't just run away give them time and stay with them. It's not easy but in the end it is definetly worth it!!!!!


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          Where to begin…When I met my boyfriend nearly two years ago he was using painkillers and went away to rehab. I stayed with him (even though it was a month into our relationship) because I knew he was an amazing person in a not-so-amazing situation. Than he moved home and he claimed it was to difficult to be home (NY) so he moved it San Diego. We did this long distance for a YEAR and he stayed CLEAN out there. (well still using other drugs occasionally for recreation and smoking weed every day) BUT no pain killers. He moved home to be with me and to go back to school and get his life in order. He felt the pressures of real life and started slipping. He started taking Subs and is now full blown addicted. I am trying to help him tapper off but it is so hard. HE BLAMES ME for making him come home from a place he was "happier with his friend" and tells me I disappointed him by how I acted when he came home so I led him to do this, I ruined his life once again, and he regrets coming home. (long distance was hard since he is a VERY good looking guy and had a MILLION beautiful san diego girls all over him) I know he doesn't mean what he says and doesn't blame me but his words hurt me more than I can express or write in words. I realized suboxone withdrawal is turning me into a victim of drug abuse (not physically but emotionally). He even told me that "I like it when he's on pills and withdrawing cause I get to help him, I don't like when he's happy" <-- Which could not be far enough from the truth. Since he said those words he gave me his strips and I am controlling his intake. Its only been three days he has been tapering off but his mental game is so shot he is expecting the worst. (he keeps saying he knows hell be like christian bale from the fighter again). He doesn't realize how hard this is FOR ME. I know, I know, I know this is NOT about me. But it sure feels like it is. Since he blamed me and shattered my world, he hasn't even kissed me or held me, but he tells me he needs me to spend the nights with him (even though he won't hold me). He is also writing and reaching out to all his friends from SD DAILY and being so nice to them and saying how much he misses them and can't wait to get back there, but he can't say ANYTHING nice to me. I know I should be strong for him and make this not about me but I am dying inside. I feel so week and helpless and I have no one to talk to. He was always my person to talk to when things got bad, and I feel like I'm loosing him. My first priority is for him to go get clean and happy again. But is it so selfish to fear the worst for our relationship that I feel like he could care less about now? I don't know what to do anymore and am as petrified as he is for when the REAL withdrawals start to happen