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Husband Coming off of Methadone

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    I am so happy to read that you all are aware of any potential issues down the line. And, if luv2smile gives you the green light, well we know that is all good.

    I am so glad you are not upset with me for pointing out the potential for withdrawals... I just know how much hubby suffered, and you, right along with him. However, since you have done your research, I just want to say I am so beyond happy that he has found some relief!


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      Thank you, so much, Bette and readytobehappy! I'll keep this thread updated at least once every two weeks until he's completely free of symptoms! And even then, I'll update monthly/every six months/yearly!


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        Hello Megan Love
        I m very happy for you and your husband, you are inspiration to me and to many many other good people who are suffering and who are now clean from debilitating addiction to opiates, especially methadone, i do hope your husband is out of the withdrawals and feels ready to enjoy his and your life together again as a healthy and happy man.

        I my self go through a rough phase and i m conflicted about what to do next.
        Been on methadone for 5 yrs, on daily dose of 210mg the have taken double dose of 420 daily since my first 1 week take-homes, and now i have monthly supply which means i in 11 days i take around 5700 mg more or less but the rest 18 days with no methadone, and after maybe 10 days i start feeling withdrawals not as bad as your husband , just stomach cramps, anxiety etc and i feel that is due to the fact that i gained weight on methadone (sugar cravings) and because of that methadone stays long in my body and i weigh now 134kg/295lb and 194cm/6,4
        After some research and time i started taking Kratom extract, and Gabapentin (5 g daily) that i prescribed for problems with nerves in my leg, and i can say i have no withdrawals whatsoever on day 19 now but one thing i would like to add for everyone
        Please do not experiment with Kratom or Gabapenting as i m not MD or any high doses of methadone which can be deadly
        My issue is this, i cant go anymore longer with methadone as that drug made me change my life and never expected that, i do have loving wife , 3 beautiful kids and i want my life back, i love my parents from who i took years of life because they were too concerned for me
        I m aware that my use of Kratom can lead to another addiction but i will switch Kratom to lead me out the hell methadone does to many
        Now that day 20 comes and tomorrow is my monthly clinic visit i DON`T KNOW what to do next, go and take one dose of 190 and rest just trow away or taper down with another 28 bottles or not go and just quit cold turkey, as i said i dont have any witdrawals and dont know if it will come, but i m ready to taper down kratom as time goes, maybe 6 months so methadone is realy out of my system
        Any help/advice from anyone that was or is in my situation would be greatly appreciated
        Thanks Everyone


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          On April 7th my husband will be 2 months in without a single dose of methadone. He still struggles daily, and unfortunately relapsed to opiates. Even with the opiates, his mind isn't right. He's very forgetful, overly emotional and just doesn't think straight. (It was like this before the opiates too, when he got off of Methadone). His Bones hurt him, still. But, no stomach problems, anxiety is much less than it was.
          He is going to a detox facility today for the opiates and alcohol use (he had the alcohol addiction way before the methadone). He will be there for 7 days and wants to be clean!


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            I appreciate you taking the time to update us, as I have followed your thread from the beginning. How good is that your husband is going to detox to free himself from the last of his addictions?

            I have 33 days clean and sober today, and I also am overly emotional, have short term memory loss, and my brain fog comes and goes. It is part of the territory in early recovery, and I have heard over and over, IT WILL GET BETTER!

            Once again, your husband is so fortunate to have you by his side! Take good care of yourself while he is away at rehab! It is important that you focus on your own needs during this time so that you keep up your strength and stay resilient!


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              Hi Megan

              I am sorry you are still struggling..
              I know it is so hard to see a loved one suffer..

              I think the detox will do him good .
              That is what I did too .
              But I came out on sub
              Then got off that..

              I know he is not open to that but methadone is a different drug and his brain needs time to heal..
              honestly that can happen while on sub.
              It is a different type of opiate..
              it is a partial agonist..
              so no high..
              I know I speak for Randy on here any myself
              it had not been for the sub
              We would not be clean
              These Years later..

              I hope he will reconsider the sub..
              I really feel going out after 7 days clean if he does not set up a great support system..

              12 step meetings
              Even a naltrexone pill everyday..
              they use that now by itself..

              It is gonna be tough.
              Much harder than it needs to be..

              He is so blessed to have you by his side..
              But he needs someone that is not emotionally invested in him
              That can tell him like it is and share their experience strength and hope
              With him..

              I don't want to sound pessimistic!

              But in all honesty
              Getting clean is the easy part!

              His pain will get better but it takes awhile for the body's own pain relief system to kick back in..

              I hope he will be open to trying new things!

              This can be done but usually. Not until the addict completely surrenders
              To a new way of life and that includes a new way of thinking !
              And most important being able to take suggestions!

              He has come so fAr..
              I hope he will just give himself a break!

              Thank you so much for the updAte..

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                Hey everyone!!
                My husband is doing great!! We went through months of absolute suffering.. But, we did it. He is done with all drugs and alcohol.
                I honestly didn't think it would happen... He was so sick, for so long.. I thought he'd have to go back.
                But, no!
                At this point, I am convinced that anyone can do this. It just takes dedication, time and perseverance!


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                  Originally posted by MeganLove View Post
                  Hey everyone!!
                  My husband is doing great!! We went through months of absolute suffering.. But, we did it. He is done with all drugs and alcohol.
                  I honestly didn't think it would happen... He was so sick, for so long.. I thought he'd have to go back.
                  But, no!
                  At this point, I am convinced that anyone can do this. It just takes dedication, time and perseverance!
                  That's great news Megan! So no methadone, no fast acting opiates, no kratom, no xanax, no nothing? Tell your husband to stay the course! Is he in a recovery program? NA, AA, Smart Recovery and drug addiction counseling can all do wonders for long-term success in staying clean and sober! Take care... God bless us all!

                  Remind your husband that "One pill is too many and a thousand pills will never be enough"!


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                    Originally posted by MeganLove View Post
                    Hey guys!
                    My husband has been an addict and used most every substance known to man. He traveled the world for 15 years looking for the best high he could find... well, fast forward to 5 years ago.. he was a Coke addict when I met him. Was shooting it at least once an hour. Also drinking very heavily. One day he decided to quit the coke, and did. Cold turkey. He had NO problems with it, whatsoever. He did continue the alcohol abuse, though.
                    He eventually started taking pain pills to get high. Usually a handful of some type of opiates would serve him good for a few hours.
                    But, I got sick of it. (I don't use anything. I don't even drink caffeine) The money being spent was ridiculous and he thought so too. He just couldn't kick the habit. It felt too good and was too accessible. So, we heard about the mdone clinic from some of his friends, and thought it'd be a great idea. We didn't do any research. In fact, we were both extremely excited about him kicking opiates.
                    Bad, bad, bad, bad mistake. At first it was great. But long term use (over a year now) has proven to be terrible. He has TERRIBLE stomach cramps, vomiting, constipation, etc at night. There is at least a few times, every day, that he is nodding out from being so tired, and we don't have sex!! He has no libido.
                    He is absolutely ready to come off of the mdone. He had kicked and screamed and cried and begged to be done with it. So, he has come down to 50mg per day, from 110mg per day. He has done this over the course of 1 month. He has been feeling so much better during the day, since he has tapered off. He hasn't had any severe symptoms, and has had much more energy, until last night.
                    He was SCREAMING in pain with stomach cramps. He ended up lying in the bathroom floor, puking all over himself and crying. We both felt helpless, but I would clean it up and either put a warm blanket on him or cold washcloths on his body (whichever he happened to need at the moment), until he finally got some relief and was able to go back to sleep.

                    Now, we have both read a lot of forums and blogs on getting off of Methadone. Some say to go cold turkey, some say to taper, some say you'll be better in 5 days, some say 5 years. We are SCARED. He does not want this life anymore. All that is holding him back is the physical withdrawal from methadone.
                    He actually wants to just jump off at 50mg because he believes he is prolonging his pain and suffering by walking down.
                    What do we do?
                    The most severe symptoms are most definitely the stomach cramps. Something, anything has to be done for them.
                    He has xanx for sleep, acid reducers for acid reflux, vitamins that he already takes on a daily basis, horny goat weed for blood pressure...

                    I also must mention that he doesn't have any diagnosed health problems. He was extremely fit and healthy before starting methadone and has always lead an active lifestyle and healthy diet.

                    He also wanted to go to a detox facility, but they discouraged him from coming by telling him that it wouldn't help, because he wouldn't feel the withdrawal until 2 weeks.

                    Any advice to help me get through these really tough times, as a wife, would also be much appreciated.

                    Sorry for the book, and thank you all, in advance.
                    That's too fast of a taper slow tapers are way better yes they take longer but you won't get as sick I would say 2 to 3 mg a week taper is best


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                      I just wanted to update and say that he successfully came off of methadone. It was a LONG (about 6 month) journey of constant sickness. I would NEVER reccomend methadone!!! It was pure torture!