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Zoloft and employment drug testing

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  • Zoloft and employment drug testing

    Hello everyone:

    Can anyone tell if it is possible for Zoloft to show up on a pre-employment drug test?
    My doctor says he has never heard of it, my pharmacist says it IS quite possible for it to show up as a false positive for benzodiazepenes(spelling?)
    I am job searching now, and have enough stress with that without worrying about my Zoloft showing up.
    Some say to claim it when I test. I feel it is none of anyone else's business that I am taking an anti-depressant, especially potential employers.
    Any suggestions?
    Thanks much,

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    My doc says that it would not show up, as it is an SSRI, not a benzo or anything else. To play it safe, just make sure to let them know the meds you are on, the lab that does the tests will know what meds, for certain, will affect the test.

    My information is not guaranteed correct. I do not get them right all the time, but I do enjoy the hunt~


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      Thank you, zippysgoddess, for your reply. I have been doing more research on the Internet, and your answer is logical.
      I hope I am right in the assumption that these labs that do the drug testing must be required to have some kind of confidentialty rules.
      I feel it is OK to disclose to them that I am on Zoloft so they can interpret the results correctly. I just hope that they, in turn, don't disclose to any perspective employers that I am on it!
      Thanks again!



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        Funny i had a pt @ Detox, that came to the office on zolft but kept testing postive for benzos, There is a certain , Quick Screen Drop that it comes postive . I will let u knopw the name when i get it


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          Remember benzos are not in the NIDA-5 that most employers use for screening bc it is cheaper.
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          "Nothing in medicine is 100%"


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            I have taken zoloft for 15 yrs, and had a employment urine test come back positive for benzo's in May 06. This was an in-house test, not one sent to a certified lab. I have had 2 other urine test done, pre-employment, and they were done at certified labs and they came back negative.
            SO yes this can happen.
            I also don't put down zoloft on job applications when asked for medications that I take. I also don't think it is anyones business.
            My professional license as an RN is in jepordy because of this mess.

            Opal Mae


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              Hi Dan, I'am sorry to hear about your fear for testing positive for zoloft on a job test. I have had the same problem,with taking zoloft and testing positive for Benzo's and I knew I hadn't taken any Benzo's,I didn't even know what was Benzo's until I tested positive for them. I used drugs about 15 or more years ago,and I have been on a metadone program since then and change my whole life around then this mess just question my faith, I was asking ,God what do I surpose to learn from this? It hurt me so bad,but I kept my faith that it would work out, then I got on the computer and did some surfing with my drug leader and we found this site,and it lifted a huge stress off my mind, Cause I knew other clients thought I had did the benzo's. Some even told me that. But I KNEW I hadn't ,and that all that matter. So keep the will work out ok. but it does happen, I'am a living proof. Denise
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                YES it will give you a false positive

                I run a drug testing lab that uses the EMIT system and zoloft has tested positive for Benz.


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                  stumbled upon this site after testing positive for benzodiazepines (had to google it because I didn't even know what it was). Have been on Zoloft for years and was never aware this could happen. I'm wondering...I have a drug test coming up for a job (the one I did was at home just to make sure there was no thc in my system as I have been around people smoking) and everything was negative but the benzodiazepine. I have taken none of the medications outlined as falling into that category and then it dawned on me...could it be the zoloft? Finding this forum has been eye opening. What I'm wondering is...can a pre employment drug screen pinpoint that in fact the only drug you are on is Zoloft? I mean, if it comes back as positive...can they do extra tests to rule out any other substances? I mean, I plan on telling them and taking a copy of my prescription but it seems like there are mixed perspectives (from a testing/medical pov) about whether or not Zoloft can in fact cause a false positive. Any advice is appreciated.



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                    If its that insta cup test maybe not,also if you have a script and it comes back positive a doc will call you and you just tell them you have a script. They will verify this and your new job wont even know.