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Scared this is it.

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  • Scared this is it.

    I thought I can't wait til I get clean and I'll get my family back and everything will be ok. Well that never happened. After getting rid of all of your using so called friends and acquaintances this meeting someone new is looking pretty rough. I pictured being clean maybe meeting someone and being happy but not lonely and depressed and feeling isolated because of the mistakes you made in past are forever haunting your future.

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    How long have you been clean? It can take several months to a year or more before your brain chemistry is repaired? Update when you can? Take care... God bless us all!


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      I've got just over 2 years. I realize I alienated myself now from my former life and now I am part of a society that I was giving my children talks about. My how the tables have turned. I can't go back to where I was because I ruined that and I cant stand the present because I've created a mess but at least I'm sober and clean now. I'm trying to look at the bright side it always could be worse and there are people who have different situations and things are worse for them I'm sure. I just realized my kids watched me turn into a junkie after thinking they knew who there dad was there whole lives and that happens. Pretty powerful stuff. I'm very ashamed.


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        All those are pretty normal feelings to have after years of being an addict! What's your complete history with the drug use? How did you get clean and more importantly how are staying clean? Are you working any twelve step programs and/or drug addiction counseling/therapy? Update when you get a chance? God bless us all!


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          you're in a good place here. be honest and open.