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I have to fire my Pain Management Doctor

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    Medical Board

    Originally posted by nova9sw View Post
    Hi oldhen, You can and should fire him. You are receiving the best care if he is yelling at you. Have you been through a Chronic Pain Program? There are short acting pain medications and long acting pain medications. Sounds like you need one of the longer acting pain medications. Such as Fentanyl(Duragesic) Patches, Methadone or slow release morphine. I would try to find a Chronic Pain Program in your area if I were you. Hope this helps. Steve
    I have done this. Mine kicked me out. Yelled at me with the door open for all to hear. IM CUTTING YOU OFF!!!!! all because I refused to do epidurals which are not even FDA approved to do anything (Not like the FDA is our friend or even honest). But I get bad migraines and explained why with legit reason. We even have a pain patient bill of rights in California that says I have the right to chose or deny what treatment I receive. He was FURIOUS! I was sobbing because he treated me like an addict fiending for a fix. Worse part I have a pharmacogenetics test he MADE ME TAKE just so he could tell me they arent using them for our treatment. Come to find Im a ultra rapid metabolizer and thats why I never had the right dosage. No freakin dr looks at it when I tell them.Not to mention I dont convert opioids to morphine so I have to take straight morphine. Then other meds cause bad reactions. Even muscle relaxers n antibiotics. I have to cross check EVERYTHING yet drs just toss >>>> at me negligently. Ide be dead already. But medical board does nothing but protect the drs thats why they pay to be in the board. They are a mafia


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      Hello everyone. May I suggest something to everyone. A pharmacogenetics test. It will tell you what meds work or dont and why. Usually its genetic defects. I got one and now completely understand why my body reacts how it does. One small problem......these idiot drs look at you like oh now your educating me? As if we havent lived in our bodies for life. They have no clue about genetics and it is the most thorough tool for pain management. They are all poorly trained. Nowhere in the CDC does it forbid opioids, opiates or any other med or dosage. Its a suggestion not a dictation and it even says. IF they kept proper record they have nothing to worry about. Has anyone written the DEA and asked for a medical appointment? lol no really. I am ready to ask them when they can see me since they know more about my treatment and me than my dr. Im even thinking of suing. Anyone read Roe >> wade and the Hyppocratic oath in it and how it passed? Our right to our body and it mentions and meds in the same breath. We have a right to privacy. Does Planned Parenthood send electronically to the DEA after every ? So why our meds? They are NOT part of our medical treatment and its a complete HIPPA violation to boot. Why hasnt this been challanged? anyone know a constitutonal lawyer or civil rights attorney? I say we ban together and fight this bogus >>>> keeping us from having our life back
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