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Pill ID - Round White Pill with TAM 20

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  • Pill ID - Round White Pill with TAM 20

    Round white pill with TAM 20 on one side.
    Anyone know what this is?

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    Is there anything on the other side?
    Might need a bit more info for this one....
    Was this medicine prescribed or did you find it? Did it come from a pharmacy in the US?
    Anything you can tell us - it all helps


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      I think it is a prescription but not sure. Found it in a baggie in a drawer. On the other side it has a 'graphic' that looks like a "cp" kinda squared. The size of the pill is about the size of Tylenol. Thank you for your help.


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        Is it possible it may have belonged to someone who was into bodybuilding?


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          Yes that is possible.


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            Hello. Sorry to revive such an old thread.

            It appears I have discovered the exact same thing as the OP in my sons bedroom.

            A small plastic bag full of white round pills matching the description of the OP's. TAM 20 on one side and a symbol that looks like "CP" joined together on the other.

            My son has been into bodybuilding for many years and I know he took steroids for a short period in the past (I think that's what these may be) but he claims to have not touched them since. He is currently away for a few weeks and i'd like to be certain of what they are before I ask him about them.

            No one above actually suggested what these pills may be so if someone could enlighten me it would be very much appreciated.

            Thank you.


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              I can tell you with 100% certainty that the pills you have found are Tamoxifen 20 mg tablets. I have some to hand and they look exactly as you describe. It's a hormone drug that's primary use is to treat breast cancer, though it has many other indications.

              It's often used by body builders and athletes during the latter cycles of a course of anabolic steroids to stimulate the male body's natural Testosterone production.

              In my case they are left over from after I did a course of anabolic steroids some years ago. So you son's done a course of steroids at some point, either recently or perhaps as in my case in the past.

              Tamoxifen is not an anabolic steroid so he won't have been using it by itself. If you find any other pills or injecting equipment then post up details of what you find and I'll try and help you identify them. There are many type of anabolic steroid not all of them are dangerous and some if used carefully are completely safe. However the more readily available and cheap ones can have some very nasty side effects if not consumed with a good deal of caution.

              Do you know what the took in the past?
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