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cannot identify pill rph over A52

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  • cannot identify pill rph over A52

    Got my prescription renewed buit the pill looks different from the ones I have been taking for the last six years. These ones has the markings-----( rph over A52) Can someone tell me what they are and who is the manufacturer. Thanks guys and I appreciate any help.


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    If there is a possibility the pill is a Canadian generic, it is easier to search for ID's in reverse. Have you any idea what the pill might be or should be?

    We can then search the Canadian databases and see if we can match it up for you.


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      Hi Robo---You asked ----What might the pill be.??????:::; Well I have been taking it for the last five years and it should be Atenolol 50 m.g.-------but the markings are different and the pill also looks different--- the reason why I am questioning ---"What is it"------I have checked your pill identisfier web site and all the generic names and >>> do not match anu of the markings on this pill. I could send a sample to the F.D.A in Ottawa and maybe they wiuill be able to do something for me. Still hoping you can be of assistance and once again thank you very much for your interest.



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        So sorry chikky42, I still haven't been able to find a match for your pill.

        I have been through all the generic Atenolol 50 mg pills available in Canada...

        Apo-Atenol® 50 mg white, round, scored tablet, identified "APO" over "A50" on one side.

        Gen-Atenolol® 50 mg white, round tablet, with "[u]G</u>" over "G" on one side and "[u]AT</u>" over "50" on the other.

        Novo-Atenol 50 mg white, round, scored tablet engraved with arched novo over 50 on scored side.

        Nu-Atenol 50 mg white, round tablet, scored and identified "NU" over "50" on one side.

        PMS-Atenolol 50 mg white-to-off-white, scored, film-coated tablet, marked with "pms-ATENOLOL 50" on one side.

        Rhoxal-atenolol 50 mg white, round tablet, embossed A50 and scored on one side, and plain on the other.

        Riva-Atenolol® 50 mg white tablet, embossed with "Riva/50" on one side.

        Tenolin® 50 mg white-to-off-white, scored, film-coated tablet, embossed with "Tenolin 50" on one face.

        Tenormin® 50 mg scored, white-to-off-white, film-coated tablet, embossed with "TENORMIN 50" on one side.

        Is it possible to ask the pharmacist who dispensed the medicine?


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          Hello, I know this post is many many years old but for anyone who might be in the same situation as we have found ourselves to be in. I hoped this may help set your mind at ease.

          I live in Canada, and I have been taking 25mg of Atenolol for around 9-10 years. I can verify the tablet that you have (round, scored on one side, on the other side it has rph and A52) is in fact a 50mg tablet of Atenolol. Like you, I have never filled a prescription for Atenolol where the tablet looked like the one I had received. So thinking my pharmacy perhaps had maybe in error, given me a different medication. Just to be on the safe side, I called and inquired. They asked me to describe the tablet to them and verified that I did have the correct prescription with corresponding medication. They had the type I would normally get on back order and so for the time being had been using a different brand.