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white round: ROCHE 2 one side: double score other

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  • white round: ROCHE 2 one side: double score other

    supposed to be clonazepam...from mexico....white round side says ROCHE and has a 2 under the ROCHE.....other side is double scored/cross....pretty sure it is legitimate 2mg clonazepam but cannot find images on web to verify.....anyone seen these before?

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    it is verified as 2mg clonazepam....made by Roche....mexico


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      Reply to roche 2mg from mexico

      I've had bad experiences with roche 2mgs clonazepam from Mexico, You didnt ask but I also check out a site in Canada.
      It seems there's a quantiey of Rivolta' (Roche 2mgs clozezpam coming from mexico and Canada that are bootleg or countifit medication) Find yourself a site if you can, out of Europe. I've had the clonazepam from all three countries sent to a lab and the European version is the only one the comes back as genuine...I hope this helps