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small round green pill w/30 on one side

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  • small round green pill w/30 on one side

    I have some small green pills that are round with no score marks. On one side it looks like a big 30, and on the other side, I can't make out if theres been text rubbed off or if its just the texture of the pill. I appreciate anyone's response. Thank you

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    If it is what I am thinking it is, there should be a 4 character imprint code around the top half of the pill.

    Does that sound right? Can you make out any of the characters?


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      do you mean on the other side of the pill? one side is clearly just a big 30 (possibly 80 if I'm reading it wrong) The other side looks like it mayhave something , but I can't totally make it out. What would your guess be? Thanks for replying.


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        OK I have the pill here and it does seem like there may be some markings on the top half of the opposite side. I can not totally make them out however. If I had to guess I would say it looks something like 653 or 658 or maybe E653?? I can't quite tell, but if you have any clue, I would be most grateful. As I said already they are green round, no score marks, a big 30 on one side and those other possible markings on the other side. Thanks so much!!


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          E653/30: This is Morphine Sulfate 30mg Extended release. -JON