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white pill M358

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  • white pill M358

    I found a white pill that is enlongated like a capsule but is a pill. It is scored on one side and on the other it has M358. Could someone tell me what this is?

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    I wish someone could help me with this one because I found it on my 12 year old son's dresser/


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      This pill is
      Hydrocodone 7.5 mg/Acetaminophen 500 mg
      Description: White Capsule Shaped Tablet
      Identification Code: Debossed with M358; bisect on reverse side
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        This is definetly not a pill that you would want to find in your childs room. not saying by any means it is his but they are highly addictive and so easy to come by these days. It is most definetly Lortab 7.5.


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          Just to make it totally clear...this is a generic Vicodin Extra Strength.


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            Actually no Vicodin ES is 7.5/750
            7.5/500 is Lortab 7.5 (generic for)


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              As I stated, I was making it clear, that this is a generic type of vicodin. Not everybody realizes that lortab is the same thing. Lortab is a generic brand name for vicodin correct? Albeit in a modified analgesic mix?
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                I know where are splitting hairs, it's not my intent (I really like your helpful posts btw), but for the sake of accuracy, No Lortab is not a generic for Vicodin, it's a trade name all it's own, just like Norco, Xodol, and Maxidone (and others) are for Hydrocodone/APAP products of different strength combinations are. There is one exception, Lortab 5 (5/500) is the same as "Vicodin" (5/500), they (Abbott Laboratories) also make Vicodin HP which is 10/660, the closest "Lortab" in that strength is called Lorcet and is 10/650.

                If the doctor wrote the script for Vicodin it would never be filled with Lortab 5 since it's a trade name.

                In this case the OP's doctor wrote the script for Lortab 7.5.

                I know, anymore the name Vicodin is synonymous for any Hydrocodone product, even though it's wrong, it's joined the lexicon of names like Kleenex, Q-Tips, Linoleum and dozens of other trade names.

                Thanks for your interesting post Mitchigan!
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                  Thank you!

                  I am in awe of your knowledge and thanks for enightening me! You provide lots of documented info and I, as well as all, appreciate your time and efforts!



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                    Ok dont listen to gor2472, if it has a M358 on it and a half cut on the other side its a hydrocodone 10 (im currently looking at one in my hand) not a lortab 7.5. But ya its a perscription pain medicine and your son probably shouldnt be taking them


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                      No Skirider91 IT IS NOT, you are wrong, M358 is hydrocodone/apap 7.5/500mg (generic Lortab 7.5)
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                        You're welcome Mitchigan.

                        If anyone is interested on further info on this topic read my thread on this post.
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