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blue diamond pill? Vega

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  • blue diamond pill? Vega

    Hi, I found some pills in a little stapled baggie. They are blue diamond shaped with I think Vega on some of them and 600. I threw them away because I have kids but now I wish I hadn't. That is all I remember about them. Can anyone help?

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    Hi jennabear
    Is there anything more you can tell us? Anything at all that may give us a clue as to the origin of these pills?

    This is only a guess....
    Little blue diamond shaped pills are often generic Viagra. There is a generic version of Viagra called Vega Power made in India by a company called Micro Orgo. They are definitely blue diamond shaped pills but the image I have has the pills still in their blister pack so I can't see the imprint! That would explain the Vega imprint on your pills, but not the 600. Vega Power comes in 50 mg and 100 mg strengths.


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      Yes, I did some research and also found that viagra doesn't come in a 600. With the pills was a used blister pack with 1/3 of a pill in it but it looked smaller and smoother. Also, some of the pills did not have writing on them and looked kind of crudely made. I hope this helps.