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found pills in sons room 30 / 6 over 974

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  • found pills in sons room 30 / 6 over 974

    I found some orange pills that are oval in shape and the numbers 30 devided by a line and a 6 over 974 on the other. I am affraid they may be amphetamines. Please Help

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    if that 6 is a lowercase b (a very angular one the barr labs logo) than your worrys are well founded.
    b 974 30 oval orange tablet scored and half scored is
    generic adderall (mixed amphetamine salts) 30mg
    made by Barr Labs
    a schedule II controlled substance
    a description and image at
    (just type adderall into product search and chose the 30mg)

    Information = Freedom
    Information = Freedom


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      Thank you very much. He is prescribed adderall but this is the first time I have seen a generic. Thanks again just trying to keep an eye on the kids