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Pill Identify, Blue "E 111" marking on front

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  • Pill Identify, Blue "E 111" marking on front

    Someone gave me some of these pills claiming that they were in fact adderall, but the markings do not look like any adderall I've yet seen. The pill is about the same size and color of a normal adderall tablet, with a slanted E and (Non slanted) 111 on the front. The back is scored into quaters. Is this Adderall? Is it something else? I have tried online identification, yet when I put in E 111 nothing comes up. Please Help.

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    It could be an Amphetamine-Dextroamphetamine Tab 10mg tablet,

    Trade Name: Amphetamine Salt Combo (10mg)
    Generic Name: Amphetamine-Dextroamphetamine Tab 10 MG
    NDC 00185011101
    Manufacturer: EON LABS
    Imprint: E 111
    Color: dark blue
    Shape: round

    Drug info at