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  • little purple pill

    A friend who was going thru chemotherapy handed me a little round purple pill, said "here's a treat for ya". It rattled around in my purse for a year - decided to get brave and took it on Sat. morning recently. My pain went away completely, I felt wonderful, sociable and life was good for the whole day - effect lasted about 12 hours. Any idea what it could have been? I can't ask the friend who gave it to me. Sadly, He passed away. Anyway what do you suppose that little dusty purple pill was? Sure would like to know - it was magical relief!

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    There is now way to positively identify it without knowing some of the markings that were on the pill.

    My information is not guaranteed correct. I do not get them right all the time, but I do enjoy the hunt~


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      Habeester's cover page shows little purple pills as mscontin. I think I read that Dilaudid are little purple pills also. Are they?

      Would either of these last 12 hours on one dose?

      I realize accurate ID of this pill is not possible, but would like to narrow it down. It was obviously a narcotic.



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        I would say that the pill you have described is MS Contin 15mg, which is supposed to last for 12 hours.


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          I would agree 15mg ms contin for sure...Dave

          Finally my pain is under control!!!!!!!


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            I'm certain it must have been lysergic acid diethylamide in the form of "Purple Microdot". Did you notice the 'trails' emanating from moving objects? [)]


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              I seriously doubt it was an LSD microdot. LSD is not known to alleviate pain, and the effects are so distinct (visual patterning, tracers, color enhancement, mind bending revelations, abdominal cramps, etc) that it could not be mistaken as a painkiller. Also, microdots are TINY, about the size of this "O", smaller than any other pill I am aware of, and would likely get lost "rattling around in a puse for a year. LSD also degrades rather quickly when exposed to light and air, so after a year it woould probly no longer be good. I agree that it was likely MS contin, both purdue's and Mallinckrodt's 30mg MS contins are purple and round, and would provide mood lift and pain alleviation for the described 12 hrs. Unless the origional poster responds back saying the pill was in fact microdot sized, I seriously doubt this possibility.

              Information = Freedom
              Information = Freedom


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                It was most definitely a brand name 80mg Oxycontin.


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                  On second thought...

                  It could actually have been a generic version of the 40mg OxyContin instead.


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                    Replying to a 4 year old post is kind of a waste of time, and it's only a guess anyway without knowing the imprint, and if it was a 40mg OC for someone opioid naive it would have knocked them out or made them puke, it was much more likely to be a 15mg MS Contin.