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Pink 5-sided pill, twisted snake symbol

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  • Pink 5-sided pill, twisted snake symbol

    I am trying to identify a pill that a patient brought into the hospital, claiming them to ba "vitamins" Was getting high after taking them. It is a pink 5-sided pill, scored on one side, on the other side it has a symbol of a twisted snake with an errow through its head. If you turn the pill and look at the symbol that way, it might look like a sitting man.
    Thank you

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    I am not certain, it is hard to tell for sure without any letters or numbers on the pill, but it may be X, these are found in many forms and styles, with many markings.

    My information is not guaranteed correct. I do not get them right all the time, but I do enjoy the hunt~


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      Re - 5 sided pink pill with snake on????

      did anyone manage to find out what this pill is??? could it be a weight loss pill or steroids??? i am really concerned about a friend who could be taking these! does anybody know if there are any side effects??


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        According to some posters, the pill is generic Dianabol made in Thailand:
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          That is methandrostenolone (Dianabol) also known in my world as "pink thais". It is D-bol and it is 5mg per pill. It is usually stacked with 2-3 other injectible steroids and an estrogen blocker like Proviron. If the guy looked full of water or is bloated than its real. The pink thais are the easiest dbol to counterfit because they are sold in "loose" tablets and not blister packs...but...if the snake is on it than its VERY real! Sorry for the novel but I wanted to help. This is something im definantley experienced with. Good luck