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Small, white pill, APO/10

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  • Small, white pill, APO/10

    I need help identifying some small (~1/2cm in diameter), white pill, which may be Canadian. APO on one side and 10 written on the other.


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    Yes, it is one of their Canadian drugs, I finally found it on their international website.

    This is 10mg Alendronate, a generic Fosamax.

    This drug is used for Osteoporosis.

    My information is not guaranteed correct. I do not get them right all the time, but I do enjoy the hunt~
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      apo 10

      no. its zolpidem a generic for ambien. its used as a short term treatment for insomnia


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        jinx, are you pretty confident?

        are you fairly cetain of your answer?
        i was going to ask the same question about this APO 10 pill on here, believing it was some sort of sleep aid but not certian. I'm leaning more towards your answer being correct as opposed to zippysgoddess's answer (but thanks, zippy! you help alot in general).

        thanks in advance for your response, jinx...
        i think i'll go ahead and post the question again in case anyone else out there has any more info...


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          The OP didn't mention the shape, there are different APO 10's from Canada, a round blue APO 10 is Diazepam, and there's others. I think Zippysgoddess was right.

          White/oblong/APO 10 is Zolpidem 10mg (Ambien)


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            Cat's Meow

            oh, i'm so glad you found these questions, cat's meow. i was hoping you would. i really trust your answers (and you give quite a few of them!).

            so, i'm not sure what you meant by "the OP" not mentioning the shape, but i do understand you're saying those imprints are on several pills from Canada that vary only in shape/color. is that right?

            i noticed you answered my other post on this same question, and i know i mentioned the shape and color in that post, so i trust you got the info you needed to give an accurate answer...thank you again.

            you're such a bank of knowledge on this stuff


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              Apotex, Generic Ambien

              This release of Zolpidem is not even on it's manufacturer's website yet...

              you see Ambien lost it's patent in the middle of last year and so many new generics are just becoming available for it...

              I found this information online about it...

              Shape OVAL (capsule-shaped)
              Imprint Code APO;10 w/ Coating
              Size 9mm

              I highly doubt the OP could confuse these with Fosamax or it's Generic

              also, hopefully Apotex will be kind enough to add images of this new product to their website for drug identification, as they don't even have a section for sedatives/hynotics at current
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                Image of Apotex: Zolpidem

                my digital camera is terrible at taking pictures of white pills and their impressions


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                  Originally posted by Aesthir View Post
                  I need help identifying some small (~1/2cm in diameter), white pill, which may be Canadian. APO on one side and 10 written on the other.

                  it is zolpidem..Ambien and in germany its called Zopiclon