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ID pill please, blue oblong capsule Dan 5440

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  • ID pill please, blue oblong capsule Dan 5440

    Just wanted to know what this capsule with imprint Dan 5440.

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    you have an antibiotic called doxycycline hyclate. i found the info and a pic at


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      That's right
      This pill is DOXYCYCLINE HYCLATE 100 MG
      Imprint Code DAN 5440 / DAN 5440
      Description blue, oblong capsule
      Info at
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        Another source of information ...

        Also, if you ever have any pill you cannot identify (though this one is easily & repeatedly found at Google simply by search for "DAN 5440") then it is fast & accurate to phone your nearest Poison Control Center. Given the Letter + Number code I believe they can ID any medication for you (with or without the color mentioned), in my experience. I have done this in the past when a lone or out of place pill was found.
        It is good to know their phone number in advance in case any children might visit & manage to find their way into anything from medication to cleaners or insecticides, etc. So I found it reassuring to post it inside of cabinet doors where anyone present would see it if somehow something dangerous got left in an accessible cabinet by mistake.