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white oval pill with "cor 116" on one side?

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  • white oval pill with "cor 116" on one side?

    what is this? white oval pill, blank on one side, and the other side I think says cor 116

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    I think cor 116 is over-the-counter 650 mg extended release ACETAMINOPHEN.

    That's what I have in my notes but don't know where I found it. I don't usually use caps unless I copy the info.

    Unfortunately I didn't note the source, so it's only a guess.

    If someone can't confirm this, I can call the company.


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      More than one source

      After ALOT of research, I couldn't find anything definitive, so I asked a doctor friend. He got back to me a couple days later and said that it could have been more than one drug! Sounded strange to me, but he insists that more than one manufacturer uses that same formula number for their drugs. One is based in Canada and makes prescription pain meds, like butalbitol and hydrocodone. Another is in the US and makes OTC drugs like ibuprofen and tylenol. And yet another is over seas and makes other meds, but he couldn't say what. So I still don't have an answer that satisfies , because I got a bottle of generic prescription pain meds and the pills all say cor116...


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        More time has elapsed and we have more info.

        Cor 116 is 650 mg acetaminophen as I mentioned years ago:
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