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  • generic??? p75

    this is a pink pill imprint p75 p is on top and 75 under the p. I was told it was a generic oxycontin but I'm not quite sure even though its close in size and color not scored if I remember correctly and no imprint on the back

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    not sure if this is correct but this is the info that i found on round pink tabs with p75 on them.

    Round pink tablet imprinted P 75 is 75 mg ranitidine, generic over-the-counter Zantac 75. Ranitidine is used to treat heartburn and indigestion.



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      oxycontin pills are white. vicodin,percocet,percodan,codeine are all white.generic forms of these drugs, oxycodone,hydrocodone etc. are white. methadone is white. the only painkillers(narcotic)that i know of that are not white are loritab,which can be a blue and white speckled pill depending on mg. and morphine or morphine sulfates which can be either blue,green,or white.generaly speaking, narcotic painkillers will be white in color and i would reccomend steering clear of any pill that has "color", unless you are absolutely sure of what it is, and of who has given it to you.

      hope this helps. ironchef.