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Very little pill (M2) ??????

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  • Very little pill (M2) ??????

    My cousin had found a small pill the other day with M2 on it. It was white and very small. I told him that I thought it was a pain killer, but very unsure. He is worried about his g/f eating them. Any ideas?

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    It appears to be
    Furosemide Tablets
    FUROSEMIDE (Lasix(R)) is a diuretic. Diuretics increase the amount
    of urine passed, which causes the body to lose water and salt.
    Furosemide helps to treat high blood pressure (hypertension).
    It is not a cure. It also reduces the swelling and water retention
    caused by various medical conditions, such as heart, liver,
    or kidney disease. Generic furosemide tablets are available.
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      There is a pain killer similar in description, but the M is on one side and the 2 is on the other.
      If the M2 imprint is marked on one side and the other side is blank, the pill is Furosemide 20 mg as Cats Meow says.


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        There is a SEMI-NEW drug floating around called M2.. Its a pain killer, highest grade you can leave the hospital with. Said to be a lot like taking a lot of oxycodone. Be VERY advised if you found it at your girlfriends house. She might be taking them, they are very dangerous as they contain extremely high doses of pain killer.

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          i believe the pill that was found is nothing more than furosemide otherwise none as is used as a dieretic..