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  • PLEASE...round white pill cursive v...

    i found a pill that is round white v on one side and 50 93 scored on the other side can anyone help tell me what it is?
    This pill is a round, thin, white pill with a cursive v on one side and the other side has the numbers 50 then a line or score and then 93. Please help me identify it.


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    It sounds like a Vicodin pain pill. They commonly have a fancy "V" on one side , a line on the other and a variety of different #s. They sound like you are describing, but they are not thin and they are oval.
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      Actually, very few Vicodin's have the V on them anymore, that was only on the name brand. The V on other drugs is a logo for a drug company, unfortunately the one this person asked about is not listed in any of the databases.

      My information is not guaranteed correct. I do not get them right all the time, but I do enjoy the hunt~


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        This pill is PREDNISONE 10 MG
        Imprint Code 5093 V
        Description white, round, scored tablet
        Info at


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          Please Help

          I have Found A Pill An it has the numbers 4339 an then a slash then a V but the V is Funny shaped its a round an white can some one please tell me what it is?