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Brown Pill W/ 44291-Shady Pill!!

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  • Brown Pill W/ 44291-Shady Pill!!

    I was walking around my neighborhood last night and came across a pill bottle that had like 2 pills in it. The pill company was Assured IBUPROFEN, that had brown ibuprofen tablets. Now here is the thing, i though it all seemed so shady, so i looked it up online, there is no such thing as Assured Ibuprofen. On top of that, they are stamped really ****py w/ 44 over 291. HERE IS THE BIGGEST WEIRD PART. THEY SMELL LIKE LICORICE! what could these be? And if they are just ibuprofen, why the fake company?

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    Round brown tablet imprinted 44 291 is 200 mg ibuprofen.

    The pill is made by LNK International and sold as a store brand. My 44 291 tabs are "Certified Brand".

    And, now that you mention it, they do sort of smell like licorice.

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