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    I`m in Japan and have been given some pills by the local doc, but am unsure of what they are exactly.

    First one is small white pills (10mg) in a yellow package with the code - TZ217 on them.

    Second ones are large white pills (200mg) in a silver package with the code - CX200 on them.

    Third ones are large white pills (200mg) in a silver package with the code - TP 132 on them.

    If anyone could give me more info about these pills i`d be really thankful.


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    I am afraid that I, and many others who help on here, do not have access to many foreign drug >>>. Why didn't you just ask the doctor though? It is not common for a doctor to give a drug and not tell you what they are, or what their intended us is.

    My information is not guaranteed correct. I do not get them right all the time, but I do enjoy the hunt~


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      Of course i know what they are for... i have an overactive bladder at the moment.

      None of the pills have seemed to have any effect, so i was just trying to get some more info on them to see how they are meant to work, etc etc....

      I also intend visiting another doctor sometime soon and want to have more info about the pills so i can discuss it with them.