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yellow oval 650 on one side O-M on other

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  • yellow oval 650 on one side O-M on other

    Any help would be appreciated. We recently moved and my husband put all in one bottle.
    Yellow oval 650 on one side O-M on other.
    Round white Rugby 3 on one side 3227 on other.
    Capsul pink small West ward 3145.
    Pink oval 93 on one side 890 on other.
    White oval 93 on one side 490 on other.
    White oval 93 on one side 537 on other.
    We havent any med. insurance so Rx are expensive if we cannot find out what these are we will have to throw them away.

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    Hi Kewlcat,

    O-M 650 is Ultracet. It contains 37.5 mg tramadol and 325 mg acetaminophen. It's a pain pill.

    Rugby 3/3227 is 30 mg codeine and 300 mg acetaminophen - generic Tylenol #3 - another pain pill.

    This pill is probably quite old. Watson acquired Rugby in 1998.

    West ward 3145 is 25 mg ephedrine, a decongestant. This might be an old pill too.

    From Eckerd:

    EPHEDRINE is a medicine that opens up your air passages and makes breathing easier. It is a medicine for patients with various lung problems such as asthma or bronchitis.

    Both 93 890 and 93 490 are 100 mg propoxyphene and 650 mg acetaminophen - generic Darvocet-N®100.

    93 537 is 550 mg naproxen, an anti-inflammatory medicine.

    More info:
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