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round white pill with LM 25 imprint on 1 side

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  • round white pill with LM 25 imprint on 1 side

    found round white pill, LM over 25 imprint on one side. identification needed.

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    This one is a mystery, I know you posted this question before, I've tried, I can't identify it, sorry.

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      This pill has been mentioned on other boards and is thought to be an over the counter bronchodilator/expectorant combo sold in gas stations (sort of like a mini-thin), but nothing has been confirmed.


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        yea, thanks. i haven't been nable to find out myself. its making me nuts but i have to know. thanks everyone



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          The pill you found was a product known as Vasopro. it contains 25mg of Ephederine (bronchodialator) and 200 mg of Guafinessin (expectorant, like a decongestant which is also found in robitussin). It's main use is for asthmatics to provide non-emergent temporary relief by opening the aveoli in the lungs and clears them out. Other known uses are mixing it with a caffeine tablet which acts an appetite suppressant. It is in the family of ephedra drugs though it is a cleaner specimen than those found in the common supplements. A side note on this is that ephedrine can be fatal to adolecents if not taken by direction and supervision of a physician; it has not been shown to have the same results in adults unless an overdosing has occured.