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small, white, round pill with V on it

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  • small, white, round pill with V on it

    I have heard my son is on steroids. I found some small, white, round pills in his room with a V imprinted on it. It is not valium i know this. I Live in the United States if that matters. Any help identifying which steroid this is would be nice!! thanks!

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    I saw your original post. Nobody was ignoring you, the problem is that a pill with such an obscure imprint will be very difficult to ID. It is very hard to search for a white pill with a V on both sides.

    I would say it is very unlikely that your pill is actually a steroid, especially one mfg in the US. I understand your concern and frustration, but no one will be able to give you a positive ID without photos for comparison, etc.

    Steroids are controlled substances and would not carry an imprint that basic, it would be more unique (if it was mfg in the US).

    Vivarin (caffeine) has just a V on both sides, but is yellow. If I had to guess, I would lean towards an OTC or vitamin.