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Oval white pill with V on 1 side and 22 65 on back

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  • Oval white pill with V on 1 side and 22 65 on back

    The V is curved on top of letter like it was hand written and 22 and 65 are divided by a cutiing space in pill. Any help identifying is appreciated, thanx in advance.

    Take Care, Chuck

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    Your pill is 10 mg baclofen, a muscle relaxant.

    I'm not a pharmacist or a medical doctor. This message is not medical advice nor is it an offer to provide medical advice. All drug identifications should be validated by a licensed MD or pharmacist.


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      ahh OK thanx, I forgot I had a few of those left and had put them away. Just couldn't remember what the heck they were for, lol. I'll write muscle relaxer on the bottle now, heheh.

      Take Care, Chuck


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        v 22 65

        This is an old post so I don't know if Chuck is still interested, but this bugger was hard to find so for the sake of anyone still searching:

        This is a Qualitest (Vintage) Pharmaceuticals Baclofen 10 mg.

        white eliptical oval pill 22 65 cursive stylized v