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blue round pill 5193

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  • blue round pill 5193

    Please help! Thank you!

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    I believe it is..

    Penicillin V oral solution

    What is penicillin V oral solution?

    PENICILLIN V (Pen-Vee(R) K, V-Cillin K(R)) is a penicillin antibiotic. Penicillin V kills certain bacteria that cause infection, or stops their growth. It treats many kinds of infections including those of the skin, brain, heart, respiratory tract, sinuses, and ears. Generic penicillin V oral solution is available.
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      WRONG ID

      The pill Wheelchair ID'd does not match the shape or markings

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        RN82 - is it possible the 5 is actually an S?

        If this is the same as the pill you have, you may have a Lunesta 3mg, which is a Rx sleep aid.

        ESZOPICLONE (Lunesta™) is a sedative-type drug that helps to relieve insomnia (sleeplessness). Trouble falling asleep, waking up too early in the morning, or waking up too often during the night are symptoms of insomnia. Eszopiclone helps treat these problems with sleep.

        If that isn't it, please let us know and I will keep searching.
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          I wasn't sure Cats Meow. No need to get nasty about it...


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            You haven't even seen nasty, I thought I was kind with you.
            If you're not sure, then don't reply, like what's the point of guessing?

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