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pink with 44-346 on it

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  • pink with 44-346 on it

    Help, have no idea what these are, found 3 in stepson's room.

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    Sorry, I cannot find this is exact pill, I can, however, tell you that it is nothing to worry about. Pills marked with the 44, followed by other numbers are manufactured by LNK International and they only do over the counter items that are sold by various stores as their store brands or generics. They do not make any prescription items, the stuff they make varies from Acetaminophen to generic version of Benadryl, so you didn't find anything dangerous or illegal in his possession.

    So even though I can't tell you what it is,because OTC items just aren't regulated like prescription meds, so there is no database that lists them all, you can at least relax and not worry so much!

    My information is not guaranteed correct. I do not get them right all the time, but I do enjoy the hunt~


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      Thank you very much. He's in trouble for drug usage right now, I didn't want to add to his father's worry needlessly.