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white round pill 2355?

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  • white round pill 2355?

    white round pill with a funny shaped V on one side and 2355 on the other?? Need help, think it's hydrocodone???

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    Does it look like this?
    If this is it, then it is Acetaminophen, Butalbital; Caffeine. 325mg/50mg/40mg respectively.
    ACETAMINOPHEN-BUTALBITAL-CAFFEINE (Fioricet(R), Esgic(R), Endolor(R), and others) is a combination product used to treat certain types of headaches and migraines as well as mild to moderate pain. Federal law prohibits the transfer of acetaminophen-butalbital-caffeine to any person other than the patient for whom it was prescribed. Do not share this medicine with any one else. Generic acetaminophen-butalbital-caffeine tablets and capsules are available.
    Hope this helps.


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