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Red Capsule with imprint KALI/083

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  • Red Capsule with imprint KALI/083

    Can you help me identify this pill. The last time I refilled my Tramadol they were white. Thank You


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    Tramadol Hydrochloride 37.5mg and Acetaminophen 325mg

    ACETAMINOPHEN; TRAMADOL (Ultracet®) is a combination analgesic that is used to relieve moderate, acute pain such as pain following surgical procedures, including dental surgery. Acetaminophen; tramadol may be used for other types of pain as determined by your health care provider. Generic acetaminophen; tramadol tablets are available.
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      I looked at regular Tramadol (the ones without acetaminophen) and those ones ARE white...and also they contain 50 mg of tramadol rather than the 37.5 in the combination one that you have.

      TRAMADOL (Ultram®) is an analgesic that can relieve moderate to moderately severe pain following surgery such as cesarean section, hysterectomy, hip replacement or other bone surgery, and dental surgery. This drug also helps relieve chronic pain associated with cancer, nerve pain, or low-back pain.

      If it were me, I would call my pharmacy and verify that they gave you the correct pills, or call your doctor's office. Ultram and Ultracet are pretty close names and it could very well me that they made a mistake filling your Rx. It isn't uncommon for someone to misread the lable on drugs with similar names....but then again, maybe the Dr. changed the Rx? No way to be sure except to call them.
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