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ID Pill:Yellow,oval w/ E712 on one side &10/325 on

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  • ID Pill:Yellow,oval w/ E712 on one side &10/325 on

    Please help me ID this pill I found. I've looked all over the internet but had no luck. Again, it is Oval & Yellow. And on one side it has E712 imprinted on it, and on the other side it has 10/235 imprinted on it.

    Thanks ;o)

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    E 712 is Endocet containing 10 mg oxycodone and 325 mg acetaminophen. It's a narcotic analgesic.
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      Thank You for letting me know what that pill was. When I was returning from the grocery store the other day, I found it in the hallway to my apartment building. I'm very thankful that it was myself who found it, because with all of the children that run in and out..anyone of them could have mistaken it for candy or anything..which could have been quite dangerous considering you said it was a narcotic.

      Thank You for Your Help.It was greatly appreciated.