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what do these numbers mean?

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  • what do these numbers mean?


    ok i know that the pill i have is hydrocodone/acetaminophen... its generic for vicodin... it has a V on one side and a 35 92 on the other.

    my question is, what do the numbers actually mean? there is an indentation so you can break it in half, so i'm assuming one side is hydrocodone and the other is the acetaminophen. which side is what? or is it all mixed and pressed together?

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    The imprint code is for identification purpose only. The score is only to make it easier for the user to break apart in case they want a partial dose, and no, they don't put medicine in each half of the pill, it's all mixed together.

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      The FDA assigns a 8 or 9 digit code called a National Drug Code (NDC) based on 2 halves. THe first half is a 5 digit number for the manufacturer and the second half is a 3 or 4 digit number that is used to identify a specific doseage and product for that manufacturer.

      The NDC code for this pill is 00254-3592. If you have the prescription bottle it should say the same thing.

      I might not always be right, but I'm never wrong.
      I might not always be right, but I'm never wrong.