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Small round pale yellow pill with 121 imprint....

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  • Small round pale yellow pill with 121 imprint....

    On one side and a big "V" on the other side.
    I am pretty sure they are some kind of pain killer or muscle relaxer, but would like to know which and what.
    Thanks in advance

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    Does the pill have a little thing that looks like a upside down p in the middle of the V. If so I am trying to identify the same pill.

    A Dub


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      I think it is 81mg aspirin

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        Yellow Round pill V On Front 121 On back??

        Can anyone help Me figure out what This Is?


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          Again, I think it's AP 121, that's the logo for Advanced Pharmaceuticals, and is 81mg aspirin.
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            The pill with the 121 on one side & d between a V Is an aspirin 81mg Definitely!!!!!!

            The pill with 121 on one side and a small d uppercase V is 100% an "Aspirin 81 milligram". Its funny cuz I was just looking it up myself Wondering what the pill was and somebody on here said they thought it was an 81 milligram aspirin and my grandma has some so I went and looked and it's exactly the same pill!!! LOL LMFAO LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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              Great. It's definitely Aspirin 81 mg.