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    hi all , if any1 can let me know what the difference is in these 2 perc's.... one has the imprint of TEC on it the other has TEC 3 on it . can any1 tell me if there is a difference in the strength of the two ...

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    We were't ignoring your first post, we just really don't have an answer. Information on foreign pills is hard to come by, even Canadian.

    TEC is imprinted on a number of pills, the only thing setting them apart is shape and color. Since you didn't provide any type of description, I will assume you are talking about white, round pills.
    Because of this, I can't be 100% certain about this info, but since you obviously want an answer pretty bad, here you go.


    TEC 3: This one is not a "perc" it is generic Tylenol 3-

    Acetaminophen 300mg Codeine 30mg Caffeine 15mg


    White round pill imprinted TEC and scored on reverse side-

    Oxycodone 5mg Acetaminophen 325mg (Oxycocet)

    or a "perc" as you say.

    There is a HUGE difference in these two pills, they are completely different drugs.
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      The tec is more powerful then the tec 3, Tec is a generic brand of 0636 which is percocet, it has 5 mg of oxycodone, and 325 mg of acetamitaphine.
      The Tec 3 is a generic brand of a T-3 which is codiene, and in my oppinion does nothing. I'm not a docter