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*How To Correctly Ask A Pill I.D. Question*

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  • *How To Correctly Ask A Pill I.D. Question*

    Please include the drug details in the "subject" field so other users browsing the forum can easily identify what you are requesting.

    GOOD = Round Pink pill V 2105
    BAD = What is this pill or "please help identify this pill".

    The more information you provide the better your chances of getting an accurate ID.

    Please tell us:

    Shape: Is it round, oval, oblong, capsule, etc.
    Color: Be as accurate as possible.
    Scoring: is it scored or un-scored?
    Size: Not necessary, but it helps us sometimes.

    Complete Imprint: Both front and back, case sensitive, including spaces, including logo (if present).
    If it's a Mfr logo try to describe it. (see our list of logos here:
    Is the imprint engraved or printed? (not necessary, but it helps us sometimes).
    Is there anything extraordinary about the imprint font? (not necessary, but it helps us sometimes).

    Texture: Is it a gel cap, or is the pill coated. (not necessary, but it helps us sometimes).

    Is the pill Canadian or Foreign? (very important).

    If your pill has no imprint be advised there's a 90% chance it's unidentifiable.

    Also, please check to see if your question has already been answered by using the Search facility before you post. You will find the link to Search tab in the upper center of your screen.

    You can also try searching the Pill ID Wizard, look for the Pill Identifier tab at the upper center of your screen,
    or at or browse drug and pill imprint codes at

    If you are replying to a post using information found using the search function, please acknowledge the efforts of the original poster.

    If you are simply replying to a post, then ignore this comment!

    (by Cats Meow, 5-15-2010)
    Last edited by Anonymous; 05-15-2010, 10:47 PM.