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Round White M box around Line accross 15 above

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  • Round White M box around Line accross 15 above

    Hi! I was recently told this pill was a generic Oxy-Contin. However, I do not believe the person. I don't because I did'nt think the drug came in a 15mg dosage. However, I still dont know what the drug is [?]. The pill is small round and white. An "M" is located on one side of it with a box around it. The other side has a line straight accross the center of it with a 15 above it. I was wondering if someone could tell me what this drug is. If I had to guess I would say some sort of morphine but I am not sure. I did not see this pill described anywhere else on this site though. So I preceded to make an account just to make this post. [^]


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    Its not morphine, and its not 'technically' OxyContin.

    It is however Oxycodone 15mg immediate release (Roxicodone)

    It is called 'light green' in the description, but many people refer to it as white. And from the photo you can see why:
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      Thanks Incognito. I later found its description and image on another website. That site still didnt depict it as light green either. Also I've taken this a few times now and it didnt appear to be light green to me either. If you happen to see this post once more, I'm wondering besides the dosage and lack of time release, whats the difference between this kind of oxycodone and that of the time released generic oxycontins tiva makes that look oval shaped? The bottle refers to it as oxycodone as well. I'm confused too, as to the difference between oxycodone and oxycontin. The effects are similar when taken for pain but vary drastically for a recreational user. What is the difference chemically in these two powerful narcotics?