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blue and round with ccss imprinted

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  • blue and round with ccss imprinted

    i found some pills i believe to be from costa rica. they are blue and round with ccss imprinted. any ideas ???

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    We have been looking for this for some time. It has been added to a 'most wanted' list

    Did your happen to come in a blister pack?
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      yes, 45 per pack


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        The amount in the pack doesn't matter. What we are interested in is any writing/printing on the 'back' of the blister pack. Any writing on the foil, even if it is in a language you can't read, may be important. It may give us a mfg name, or a proprietary name from another country, or something of importance.

        So, if there is any writing on the foil, let us know what it is. Or even better, if you can take a photo and post it somewhere on that link I posted above. That would be great.

        Any feedback on this would be greatly appreciated, and hopefully lead us to an ID for your pill.


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          im sorry i misunderstood blister pack. these look as though they were hand packed and vacum sealed. the only id is a sticker reading hidrocodone 10/325. notice hydrocodone was mispelled