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tablet,round/yellow: D (score) 5

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  • tablet,round/yellow: D (score) 5

    i have these somewhat small, round, yellow tablets that say D(score)5 on one side and nothing on the other...

    i was told it was 5mg diazepam ( d5 seems to fit ), but upon taste am unsure of it (although i know thats not a good way to ID pills, i sorta have a taste for benzos). its supposedly from a foreign manufacturer.

    ANY IDEAS???

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    This imprint has been posted a couple of times recently, and still no ID.

    Tasting is not in any way a definative source of an ID. Just because it doesn't 'taste' like a normal _________ doesn't mean it isn't __________.

    Foreign >>> are tough, perhaps if you had the blister pack with the mfg name on it, we might be able to find something.

    With the countless foreign mfg's and the vague imprint, I believe that, unfortunately, this one will probably remain a mystery.


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      definitely 5mg diazepam.



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        Catalyst what do you base your identification on? What if it's not, and purity takes it and makes him/her ill. Careful, unless you have some data to support your conclusion. Empirical testing is insufficient proof as incognito has stated.

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