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very tiny white pill

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  • very tiny white pill

    This is a very tiny white pill, slightly bigger tall then it is round, it almost resembles a sweetner or something, I used a magnifying glass to check for markings and could not see any, possibly a 10 on one side. It does have a coating on it. I put tape over it on a piece of paper and where the tape touched the pill (which I had broken the coating slightly to make sure it was a pill), that area turned pink. I am hoping it is not some kind of poison.

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    I am having trouble deciphering your description. But unfortunately I can tell you that you will not receive an ID based on the imprint '10' alone.

    If you happen to see more markings, or would like to attempt to clarify the description then we can try and go from there.


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      Did you every figure out what these were? I've got the same things over here.