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Round green pill ALVA scored on one side

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  • Round green pill ALVA scored on one side

    What is this pill?

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    Maybe 100 mg caffeine

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      Alva Pill

      Hello. I know this is an old post; but in case others stumble across it.... it's just a diuretic or water pill to reduce water retention.


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        No, Alva is 200mg caffeine, sold as Ultra Pep-Back.


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          You guys are all wrong but all right

          I am sorry for bringing up such an old post but i figured i might help the board out by sharing my input which i found straight from the sources. I may be incorrect about 1-2 things, keep in mind, i dont have a high school diploma, but i do know 99% of what i am posting is correct and factual.

          This pill is Diurex Ultra Water Pill!!!

          This pill is a diuretic pill WITH caffeine (hence the confusion). Caffeine serves as an excellent diuretic and water pills are generally, if not always, diuretics

          As someone else mentioned, this pill is also sold under the name of Ultra Pep-Back as well. However, Ultra pep-Back is a green oval pill stamped ALVA and contains 200Mg of Caffeine(as apposed to Diurex Ultra having 100Mg of Caffeine and being circular) And I am not sure if Ultra Pep-Back has Calcium. Ultra Pep-Back should work just as well for a water pill (I don't believe Calcium has much if any diuretic properties)

          Since Caffeine has many other uses, i would not be surprised if ALVA sold it for other uses as well.

          Identification: Light Green colored round pill bearing the identifying mark "ALVA".

          this pill is Diurex Ultra Water Pill!!!

          This pill IS a DIARRETIC

          Active Contents:
          90 Mg/pill of Calcium
          100 Mg/pill of Caffeine (From Caffeine Anhydrous)

          Inactive Ingredients:
          Acacia,Calcium Carbonate,Calcium Sulfate,Corn Starch,D&C Yellow No. 10 Lake,FDC& Blue No.2 Lake,Hypromellose,Magnesium Silicate,Magnesium Stearate,Maltodextrine,Mineral Oil,Polyethylene glycol,Polysorbate,Stearic Acid,Titanium Dioxide,Vanillin. Contains one or more of these ingredients.

          I am not sure if this drug is FDA approved or not but keep in mind what meds you are taking and talk to a pharmacist (pharmacists are much more knowledgeable about interactions and side effects then doctors). Often times, different batches have different Ingredients and even different formulas. I can speak on a first hand account that non-FDA approved meds are generally not a good idea to take, especially if you are taking other medication as well (was in a coma for almost a week). Look at the ingredients of the medication, if it says "may contain this or this or this or all, etc", then take extra cation when taking the med. The FDA puts standards on medications for a reason, safety(as well as other political reasons). who wants a bunch of heart attack causing meds floating around? "Natural" meds do not need FDA approval. The false belief many have about natural meds is that they are safe since they are natural. Arsenic is natural, however, it is a very dangerous and deadly substance.

          Keep in mind, i am not a doctor, pharmacist or any medical or pharmaceutical employee. i have no health related degrees or even a high school diploma (working on getting back into college, i just cant afford it right now )


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            Thanks for the update Dickshivers, our info has it backwards then, the green rounds were shown as caffeine, the ovals as diuretics, but I will defer to your research since you seem to have looked into it thoroughly, and unfortunately my subscription database no longer lists the green/round/Alva (but a number of other Alva imprinted pills).
            Thanks again.