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small, oval (purple?) pill wth M and 97 or L6

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  • small, oval (purple?) pill wth M and 97 or L6

    I found a small, oval pill. It looks to be purple or a blueish-grey with a M or W on one side and a 97 or L6 split by the score on the other side. The print is very small and is hard to tell the imprint depending on which way you look at it, Any ideas would be appreciated
    Thanks in Advance!

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    Imprint M L6

    This is a Levothyroxine 0.075mg

    LEVOTHYROXINE (Levothroid, Levoxyl, Levo-T, Synthroid, Unithroid, and others) acts as a replacement for people whose thyroid gland does not produce enough thyroid hormone. Levothyroxine can improve symptoms of thyroid deficiency such as slow speech, lack of energy, weight gain, hair loss, dry thick skin and unusual sensitivity to cold. Levothyroxine also helps to treat a condition called goiter, which is an enlarged thyroid gland.
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      yes, that is it. Thanks for the help!