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Fentanyl Patch "out of date"

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  • Fentanyl Patch "out of date"

    Hello I have been on Duragesic Fentanyl transdermal system patches for some time. I recently found one in the bottom of my medicine chest and it expired in April of 2005. Is this still ok to use? What happens to a medicine when it when it passes date? Does it decrease in potency or could it possibly increase? Please help....I would useally throw it away but they are so darn expensive, I would hate to waste one if it was still usable. Anyone with info or experiance with this sort of situation, your help will be much appriecated!

    Orrissa Athena[?]

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    Since the Fentanyl is in a gel form, I would think over time it would start to solidify and lose its effectiveness, there should be no problem using it, at worst it just won't work as well. I've read that adding heat to a patch will increase it dosage release, so that's something you may be able to try should it seem not working as well, like with a heating pad, be cautious though, some deaths have been reported from people putting one on using a pad, falling asleep and never waking up.

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