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little round yellow pills, "spa" imprinted

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  • little round yellow pills, "spa" imprinted

    I have hundreds of these little round yellow pills with "spa" imprinted on one side of each
    the pill bottles are in russian except underneath some russian it says "(NO-SPA)"
    im not sure but from the bottle i think that there's 40mg of some drug in each pill

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    That ones been asked about before, we don't have an ID.
    Ask someone who speaks russian to decipher the writing on the bottle. If you find out please post back.

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      if you can scan and post a photo of the writing on the bottle, i may be able to get my sister to decipher it for you. i am assuming it is in Cyrillic? i can make out a few words but unfortunately nothing medical, she however, would be able to if we could get a legible picture of the writing.


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        I don't have a scanner but I'll write down what's on the bottle and make a .png or something, as soon as I can


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          I have the Exact Same pills?? I took 3 of them though and felt nothing, so i dont think there a big deal, but I as well would like to know what they are.


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            This little yellow round pill with "spa" printed on one side is called No-Spa (Drotaverinum hydrochloricum 40 mg). This is an over the counter pill commonly used in Europe:
            "No Spa® (drotaverine) is a line of analgesic products for children and adults. No Spa® is particularly well suited for quickly and effectively easing spasmodic gastro-intestinal, biliary, or gynecological pain. No Spa® is marketed in many Central and Eastern European countries (primarily Russia, Ukraine, Poland, and Hungary), in Central Asia, and in some African and Southeast Asian countries."
            I grew up in Russia, and it's a very common pill for stomach pains. My mom is a doctor and she always told me that it relaxes the muscles of the internal organs to ease the pain. If you've got a bottle that has Russian writing on it, the name of the pill in Russian should look like this: НО-ШПА.
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