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Ammo Nitrate-Effects ?

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  • Ammo Nitrate-Effects ?

    This is NOT a pill, but an inhalant, I know my nephew is using. I know it was in a square amber bottle with round black lid, the bottle held about 1/2 oz. It was a liquid. The fumes are inhaled. The effect is an intense feeling of warmth in the chest with rapid heartbeat that lasts about a minute or so, then wears off, depending on how deeply it is inhaled.

    He said it was "Ammo Nitrate" (unsure of spelling). I don't know if it is short for ammonium nitrate, the farm fertilizer that meth makers seek so much or what.

    Anyway I want to know:
    1) What is this stuff ?
    2) Where does it come from/what is it's real use ?
    3) What does it do to the body as far as abuse ?
    4) How much is he spending for this on the street ?
    5) Is it commonly sold/dealt in the little bottles described above ?
    6) What color is it ? (I didn't see it poured out)

    I was a policeman many years ago and never ran into anything like this.
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    Feel free to email help to me at [email protected]

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    The spelling is Amyl Nitrate and you can do a web search to find information on it. Might want to start here:

    Sorry, but I ain't emailing the info, if it was important enough to post, it should be important enough to come back and read the reply.


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      I looked it up on here, it was listed. Appears less dangerous than I thought.

      Feel free to email help to me at [email protected]