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Little round blue pill, no imprints

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  • Little round blue pill, no imprints

    ordered 1mg xanax online. Has been no problem in the past. Always a little different, color, mgf, what have you. Always been able to find on this site or have packaging which includes documentation that the pill within the 10 pill packets (typically from India) contain "alprazolam".

    Received pkg today, these pills have a hard coating on them, they're light blue, round with NO imprint. Pkg came from Greece

    Think of sending back and challengeing credit card. Any thoughts?

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    good luck, buying that's illegal, they sound fake, maybe it's a lesson learned the hard way.

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    =´`= ___ )~~


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      ahh what a reply... thanks but no reason to reply if that's what you're going to say


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        greeks are not to be trusted, especially when supplying xanax


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          Have the same pills bro, its all good them zanny's, pop'em and enjoy


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            Thank you. I thought so, most of the time when importing med's from offshore they do have to get through customs, so i figured this is one way. I rec'vd an email back from the supplier who sent me pictures of the blister packs with the pills in and out of them, they save tons of $$ sending bulk like that. Sounds like you're in the same position as i am in, work for yourself, no prescription insurance and health care in the US SUKS... so some of us don't have the pleasure of buying legally in the US.. Want to move to Europe of Canada with me?